Detailed Translations for shove off from English to German

shove off:

to shove off verb (shoves off, shoved off, shoving off)

  1. to shove off (push off; knock off)
    hinunterstoßen; herabstoßen; hinabstossen; hinunterstossen; herunterstoßen; herunterstossen

Conjugations for shove off:

  1. shove off
  2. shove off
  3. shoves off
  4. shove off
  5. shove off
  6. shove off
simple past
  1. shoved off
  2. shoved off
  3. shoved off
  4. shoved off
  5. shoved off
  6. shoved off
present perfect
  1. have shoved off
  2. have shoved off
  3. has shoved off
  4. have shoved off
  5. have shoved off
  6. have shoved off
past continuous
  1. was shoving off
  2. were shoving off
  3. was shoving off
  4. were shoving off
  5. were shoving off
  6. were shoving off
  1. shall shove off
  2. will shove off
  3. will shove off
  4. shall shove off
  5. will shove off
  6. will shove off
continuous present
  1. am shoving off
  2. are shoving off
  3. is shoving off
  4. are shoving off
  5. are shoving off
  6. are shoving off
  1. be shoved off
  2. be shoved off
  3. be shoved off
  4. be shoved off
  5. be shoved off
  6. be shoved off
  1. shove off!
  2. let's shove off!
  3. shoved off
  4. shoving off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for shove off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herabstoßen knock off; push off; shove off
herunterstossen knock off; push off; shove off push off
herunterstoßen knock off; push off; shove off
hinabstossen knock off; push off; shove off hit off; kick off; knock off; push off
hinunterstossen knock off; push off; shove off hit off; knock off; knock over; push down; push off; push over; throw off; upset
hinunterstoßen knock off; push off; shove off hit off; knock off; push off
- blow; shove along

Synonyms for "shove off":

Related Definitions for "shove off":

  1. leave; informal or rude1
    • shove off!1

Related Translations for shove off

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