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Detailed Translations for sojourn from English to German


to sojourn verb (sojourns, sojourned, sojourning)

  1. to sojourn (linger; stay; loiter)
    bleiben; verweilen; dauern; sich aufhalten; fortwähren; stehenbleiben; fortdauern
    • bleiben verb (bleibe, bleibst, bleibt, blieb, bliebt, geblieben)
    • verweilen verb (verweile, verweilst, verweilt, verweilte, verweiltet, verweilt)
    • dauern verb (dauere, dauerst, dauert, dauerte, dauertet, gedauert)
    • stehenbleiben verb (bleibe stehen, bleibst stehen, bleibt stehen, blieb stehen, bliebt stehen, stehengeblieben)
    • fortdauern verb
  2. to sojourn (sojourn somewhere)
    sich befinden; verkehren
    • sich befinden verb (befinde mich, befindest dich, befindet sich, befand sich, befandet euch, sich befunden)
    • verkehren verb (verkehre, verkehrst, verkehrt, verkehrte, verkehrtet, verkehrt)
  3. to sojourn (reside; live in; take up residence)
    wohnen; residieren
    • wohnen verb (wohne, wohnst, wohnt, wohnte, wohntet, gewohnt)
    • residieren verb (residiere, residierst, residiert, residierte, residiertet, residiert)

Conjugations for sojourn:

  1. sojourn
  2. sojourn
  3. sojourns
  4. sojourn
  5. sojourn
  6. sojourn
simple past
  1. sojourned
  2. sojourned
  3. sojourned
  4. sojourned
  5. sojourned
  6. sojourned
present perfect
  1. have sojourned
  2. have sojourned
  3. has sojourned
  4. have sojourned
  5. have sojourned
  6. have sojourned
past continuous
  1. was sojourning
  2. were sojourning
  3. was sojourning
  4. were sojourning
  5. were sojourning
  6. were sojourning
  1. shall sojourn
  2. will sojourn
  3. will sojourn
  4. shall sojourn
  5. will sojourn
  6. will sojourn
continuous present
  1. am sojourning
  2. are sojourning
  3. is sojourning
  4. are sojourning
  5. are sojourning
  6. are sojourning
  1. be sojourned
  2. be sojourned
  3. be sojourned
  4. be sojourned
  5. be sojourned
  6. be sojourned
  1. sojourn!
  2. let's sojourn!
  3. sojourned
  4. sojourning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sojourn:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- visit
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bleiben linger; loiter; sojourn; stay continue; last; remain; stay; stay the same
dauern linger; loiter; sojourn; stay
fortdauern linger; loiter; sojourn; stay carry on; continue; drag on; get on; go on; go through with it; hold on; keep on; keep up; let last; move on; persist; proceed; pursue the subject; stay; stay the same
fortwähren linger; loiter; sojourn; stay carry on; continue; drag on; get on; go on; go through with it; hold on; keep on; keep up; let last; move on; persist; proceed; pursue the subject; stay; stay the same
residieren live in; reside; sojourn; take up residence be established; dwell in; have one's seat; inhabit; live in; occupy; reside; take up residence
sich aufhalten linger; loiter; sojourn; stay
sich befinden sojourn; sojourn somewhere be; dwell; hang out; reside
stehenbleiben linger; loiter; sojourn; stay come to a standstill; remain standing; stand still; stay; stay put; stay the same; stop
verkehren sojourn; sojourn somewhere ascend; associate with; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; climb; copy; date; flare up; fly up; get away; go about with; go up; go upward; grow; hang around with; have contact; increase; make a copy of; mix with; mount; reverse; rise; rise to the surface; shift; start; swing around; take off; turn; twist
verweilen linger; loiter; sojourn; stay stay; stay the same
wohnen live in; reside; sojourn; take up residence accommodate; be established; have one's seat; house; live; lodge; reside; shelter; stay; take in to the house
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- abide; dwell; stay

Related Words for "sojourn":

  • sojourning

Synonyms for "sojourn":

Related Definitions for "sojourn":

  1. a temporary stay (e.g., as a guest)1
  2. spend a certain length of time; reside temporarily1

Wiktionary Translations for sojourn:

  1. A short stay somewhere
  1. (reflexiv) an einem Ort/bei einer Tätigkeit verweilen
  2. (reflexiv) sich an einem Ort befinden

Cross Translation:
sojourn aufhalten séjournerdemeurer, s’installer quelque temps dans un endroit.

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