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  1. step off:


Detailed Translations for step off from English to German

step off:

to step off verb (steps off, stepped off, stepping off)

  1. to step off (fall in; enter; line up)
    zutreten; antreten
    • zutreten verb (trete zu, trittst, tritt zu, trat zu, tratet zu, zugetreten)
    • antreten verb (trete an, trittst an, tritt an, trate an, tratet an, angetreten)

Conjugations for step off:

  1. step off
  2. step off
  3. steps off
  4. step off
  5. step off
  6. step off
simple past
  1. stepped off
  2. stepped off
  3. stepped off
  4. stepped off
  5. stepped off
  6. stepped off
present perfect
  1. have stepped off
  2. have stepped off
  3. has stepped off
  4. have stepped off
  5. have stepped off
  6. have stepped off
past continuous
  1. was stepping off
  2. were stepping off
  3. was stepping off
  4. were stepping off
  5. were stepping off
  6. were stepping off
  1. shall step off
  2. will step off
  3. will step off
  4. shall step off
  5. will step off
  6. will step off
continuous present
  1. am stepping off
  2. are stepping off
  3. is stepping off
  4. are stepping off
  5. are stepping off
  6. are stepping off
  1. be stepped off
  2. be stepped off
  3. be stepped off
  4. be stepped off
  5. be stepped off
  6. be stepped off
  1. step off!
  2. let's step off!
  3. stepped off
  4. stepping off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for step off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
antreten enter; fall in; line up; step off be off; begin; commence; get under way; kick a goal; kick open; ram; ram down; set in; start; take off; tamp; thread down
zutreten enter; fall in; line up; step off

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