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Detailed Translations for stink from English to German


to stink verb (stinks, stank, stinking)

  1. to stink (smell; have something fishy about it)
    stinken; riechen
    • stinken verb (stinke, stinkst, stinkt, stank, stanket, gestunken)
    • riechen verb (rieche, riechst, riecht, roch, rocht, gerochen)

Conjugations for stink:

  1. stink
  2. stink
  3. stinks
  4. stink
  5. stink
  6. stink
simple past
  1. stank
  2. stank
  3. stank
  4. stank
  5. stank
  6. stank
present perfect
  1. have stunk
  2. have stunk
  3. has stunk
  4. have stunk
  5. have stunk
  6. have stunk
past continuous
  1. was stinking
  2. were stinking
  3. was stinking
  4. were stinking
  5. were stinking
  6. were stinking
  1. shall stink
  2. will stink
  3. will stink
  4. shall stink
  5. will stink
  6. will stink
continuous present
  1. am stinking
  2. are stinking
  3. is stinking
  4. are stinking
  5. are stinking
  6. are stinking
  1. stink!
  2. let's stink!
  3. stinked
  4. stinking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

stink [the ~] noun

  1. the stink (stench; nasty smell; bad odour; bad smell)
    der Gestank; der Geruch

Translation Matrix for stink:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Geruch bad odour; bad smell; nasty smell; stench; stink bouquet; fragrance; nose; odor; odour; perfume; scent; smell
Gestank bad odour; bad smell; nasty smell; stench; stink odor; odour; scent; smell
- fetor; foetor; malodor; malodour; mephitis; reek; stench
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
riechen have something fishy about it; smell; stink smell
stinken have something fishy about it; smell; stink smell
- reek

Related Words for "stink":

Synonyms for "stink":

  • malodor; malodour; stench; reek; fetor; foetor; mephitis; smell; odor; odour; olfactory sensation; olfactory perception
  • be
  • reek; smell; stink up; stink out

Related Definitions for "stink":

  1. a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant1
  2. smell badly and offensively1
  3. be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance1
    • This term paper stinks!1

Wiktionary Translations for stink:

  1. have a strong bad smell
  2. informal: be greatly inferior
  3. give an impression of dishonesty or untruth
  1. strong bad smell
  1. regional (besonders nord- und mitteldeutsch, schweizerisch) umgangssprachlich: unangenehm nach etwas riechen
  2. -
  1. (umgangssprachlich) schlechte, abgestandene, stickige Luft in einem ungelüfteten Raum

Cross Translation:
stink stinken stinken — een onaangename geur hebben
stink Gestank puanteur — Odeur fétide
stink stinken puersentir mauvais.

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