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Detailed Translations for straight ahead from English to German

straight ahead:

straight ahead adj

  1. straight ahead (straight on)
  2. straight ahead (straight on)
  3. straight ahead (frank; open; straight on)
    offen; gerade; frei

Translation Matrix for straight ahead:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
frei frank; open; straight ahead; straight on accessible; amenable; approachable; at liberty; at someone's disposal; available; debtfree; deserted; duty-free; empty; for free; frank; free; free of charge; freely; gratis; gratuitous; independent; open; outdoor; tax free; unattached; unconstrained; uncovered; undisciplined; undisturbed; unfettered; ungovernable; unhindered; uninhabited; uninhibited; uninterrupted; unmanageable; unrestrained; unruly; untaxed; vacant; voluntarily
offen frank; open; straight ahead; straight on accessible; amenable; approachable; blunt; candid; contemplative; crude; deserted; direct; empty; explicit; fair; forthright; frank; frankly; frontal; generous; genially; honest; liberal; munificent; not closed; open; open-handed; openly; outright; outspoken; overt; plain; plain-spoken; sincere; square; straight; straightforward; true; unabashed; uninhabited; uninhibited; unsparing; upright; vacant
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
recht quite right
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gerade frank; open; straight ahead; straight on a moment ago; accurate; accurately; at the moment; conscientious; even; exact; fair; frank; honest; just; just now; lank; linear; meticulous; one minute ago; only; only just; open; precise; precisely; recently; right; sincere; standing; stringent; true; upright
geradeaus straight ahead; straight on
recht straight ahead; straight on fair; right; sporting

Wiktionary Translations for straight ahead:

straight ahead
  1. Richtungsangabe: weder nach links, noch nach rechts oder zurück

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