Detailed Translations for susceptibility from English to German


susceptibility [the ~] noun

  1. the susceptibility (vulnerability; sensitiveness; touchiness)
    die Verletzbarkeit; die Empfindlichkeit; die Empfindsamkeit; die Erregbarkeit
  2. the susceptibility (openness; sincerity; frankness)
    die Offenheit; die Empfänglichkeit; die Aufgeschlossenheit
  3. the susceptibility (touchiness; irritability; pique)
    die Erregbarkeit; die Empfindlichkeit; die Reizbarkeit; die Stachlichkeit

Translation Matrix for susceptibility:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Aufgeschlossenheit frankness; openness; sincerity; susceptibility
Empfindlichkeit irritability; pique; sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability delicacy; feebleness; frailty; impressionability; irritability; over-sensitiveness; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity; slackness; testiness; touchiness; trivial; weak point; weakness
Empfindsamkeit sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity
Empfänglichkeit frankness; openness; sincerity; susceptibility delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity
Erregbarkeit irritability; pique; sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability irritability; irritation; over-sensitiveness; pique; testiness; touchiness
Offenheit frankness; openness; sincerity; susceptibility candor; candour; detachment; frankness; open-heartedness; sense of truth
Reizbarkeit irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness irritability; irritation; pique; testiness; touchiness
Stachlichkeit irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness acidity; bittyness; cattishness; curtness; fervor; fervour; fierceness; intensity; snappiness; vehemence; violence
Verletzbarkeit sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability impressionability
- susceptibleness

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  • susceptibilities

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Antonyms for "susceptibility":

  • unsusceptibility

Related Definitions for "susceptibility":

  1. the state of being susceptible; easily affected1

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