Detailed Translations for upheaval from English to German


upheaval [the ~] noun

  1. the upheaval (commotion; sensation; shake up)
    die Sensation; die Aufregung; der Aufruhr
  2. the upheaval (desperation)
    die Erschütterung; die Zerrüttung
  3. the upheaval (revolution)
    die Wende; die Wandlung; die Revolution; Umwerfen
  4. the upheaval (revolution; turnover)
    der Umsturz; die Aufruhr; die Revolution; der Volksaufstand

Translation Matrix for upheaval:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Aufregung commotion; sensation; shake up; upheaval ado; agitation; commotion; disorder; disturbance; fuss; highly strung; interference; jittery; nervousness; song and dance; to-do; trouble; turbulence; turmoil; unrest
Aufruhr commotion; revolution; sensation; shake up; turnover; upheaval clamor; clamour; commotion; din; disorder; disturbance; fisticuffs; hubbub; hullabaloo; hum; interference; movement; noise; pandemonium; problems; racket; rebellion; resistance; revolt; riot; roar; rumor; rumour; trouble; troubles; tumult; tumultuousness
Erschütterung desperation; upheaval fluttering; quaking; quiver; quivering; shaking; shiver; shudder; trembling; tremor; vibration
Revolution revolution; turnover; upheaval change; political revolution; revolution; revolutions; rotation; rotations; turn
Sensation commotion; sensation; shake up; upheaval
Umsturz revolution; turnover; upheaval political revolution; revolution; rotation
Umwerfen revolution; upheaval
Volksaufstand revolution; turnover; upheaval commotion; disturbance; fisticuffs; insurrection; pandemonium; rebellion; resistance; revolt; riot
Wandlung revolution; upheaval about-turn; alteration; altering; bending; change; change of form; changing; conversion; reformation; remodelling; reversal; transformation; transposition; u turn
Wende revolution; upheaval bending; change; change-over; crisis; curve; emergency situation; state of emergency; swerve; turn
Zerrüttung desperation; upheaval dislocation; spraining; straining
- Sturm und Drang; agitation; convulsion; excitement; hullabaloo; turbulence; turmoil; uplift; upthrow; upthrust

Related Words for "upheaval":

  • upheavals

Synonyms for "upheaval":

Related Definitions for "upheaval":

  1. disturbance usually in protest1
  2. (geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building)1
  3. a violent disturbance1
  4. a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)1

Wiktionary Translations for upheaval:

  1. process of being heaved upward, especially of the earth's crust
  2. sudden violent upset, disruption or convulsion
  1. sehr starke, grundlegende Veränderung
  2. folgenreicher (insbesondere gesellschaftlicher, technischer) Wandel, Umwälzung

Cross Translation:
upheaval Wirbel; Aufregung opschudding — een reactie van schok, verbazing of afkeer op een daad of gebeurtenis