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Detailed Translations for weedy from English to German


Translation Matrix for weedy:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- boney; scraggy; scrawny; skinny; underweight
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hager lank; lanky; spidery; spiky; weedy bony; emaciated; flimsy; lean; meager; meagre; miserable; poor; puny; rare; rarefied; shabby; skinny; slender; slim; teneous; thin
schmächtig lank; lanky; spidery; spiky; weedy delicate; emaciated; flimsy; gaunt; haggard; hollow; hollow-eyed; lean; meager; meagre; miserable; petite; poor; puny; rare; rarefied; rickety; shabby; skinny; slender; slender of figure; small-boned; staggering; starved; sunken; teneous; thin; toddling; tottering; unsettled; unstable; waddling
spindeldürr lank; lanky; spidery; spiky; weedy bony; emaciated; gaunt; haggard; hollow; hollow-eyed; skinny; slender; slim; starved; sunken

Related Words for "weedy":

  • weedier, weediest

Synonyms for "weedy":

Antonyms for "weedy":

  • weedless

Related Definitions for "weedy":

  1. being very thin1
  2. abounding with or resembling weeds1
    • a weedy path1
    • weedy plants that take over a garden1

Wiktionary Translations for weedy:

Cross Translation:
weedy schwach; flau; gelinde faiblepersonne qui manquer de puissance, de ressources.