Detailed Synonyms for affection in English


affection [the ~] noun

  1. the affection
    the ailment; the affection; the disease
  2. the affection
    the love; the warm heartedness; the affection; the ardour; the fervour; the intimacy; the ardor; the fervor
  3. the affection
    the affection; the devotion; the fondness; the attachment; the dedication
  4. the affection
    the affection; the tenderness; the fondness
  5. the affection
    – a positive feeling of liking 1
    the affection; the heart; the tenderness; the fondness; the warmness; the philia; the warmheartedness; the affectionateness
    – a positive feeling of liking 1

Related Words for "affection":

  • disaffection

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Related Definitions for "affection":

  1. a positive feeling of liking1
    • he had trouble expressing the affection he felt1

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