Detailed Synonyms for be attentive in English

be attentive:

to be attentive verb (is attentive, being attentive)

  1. to be attentive
    to assist; to help; to attend; to be attentive; to extend the hand; to be helpful; to back up; to aid; to prop up; to make oneself useful; to second; to back; to do good
    • assist verb (assists, assisted, assisting)
    • help verb (helps, helped, helping)
    • attend verb (attends, attended, attending)
    • be attentive verb (is attentive, being attentive)
    • extend the hand verb (extends the hand, extended the hand, extending the hand)
    • be helpful verb (is helpful, being helpful)
    • back up verb (backs up, backed up, backing up)
    • aid verb (aids, aided, aiding)
    • prop up verb (props up, propped up, propping up)
    • make oneself useful verb (makes oneself useful, made oneself useful, making oneself useful)
    • second verb (seconds, seconded, seconding)
    • back verb (backs, backed, backing)
    • do good verb (does good, did good, doing good)
  2. to be attentive
    to be helpful; to be attentive

Conjugations for be attentive:

  1. am attentive
  2. are attentive
  3. is attentive
  4. are attentive
  5. are attentive
  6. are attentive
present perfect
  1. have been attentive
  2. have been attentive
  3. has been attentive
  4. have been attentive
  5. have been attentive
  6. have been attentive
past continuous
  1. was being attentive
  2. were being attentive
  3. was being attentive
  4. were being attentive
  5. were being attentive
  6. were being attentive
  1. shall be attentive
  2. will be attentive
  3. will be attentive
  4. shall be attentive
  5. will be attentive
  6. will be attentive
continuous present
  1. am being attentive
  2. are being attentive
  3. is being attentive
  4. are being attentive
  5. are being attentive
  6. are being attentive
  1. be attentive
  2. be attentive
  3. be attentive
  4. be attentive
  5. be attentive
  6. be attentive
  1. be attentive!
  2. let's be attentive!
  3. been attentive
  4. are attentive
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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