Detailed Synonyms for be killed in English

be killed:

to be killed verb (is killed, being killed)

  1. to be killed
    to fall; to die; to pass away; to perish; to succumb; depart this earth; to be killed; depart this life; be killed in action
  2. to be killed
    to perish; go to wrack and ruin; to fall; to go to pieces; to be killed; to go to the dogs

Conjugations for be killed:

  1. am killed
  2. are killed
  3. is killed
  4. are killed
  5. are killed
  6. are killed
present perfect
  1. have been killed
  2. have been killed
  3. has been killed
  4. have been killed
  5. have been killed
  6. have been killed
past continuous
  1. was being killed
  2. were being killed
  3. was being killed
  4. were being killed
  5. were being killed
  6. were being killed
  1. shall be killed
  2. will be killed
  3. will be killed
  4. shall be killed
  5. will be killed
  6. will be killed
continuous present
  1. am being killed
  2. are being killed
  3. is being killed
  4. are being killed
  5. are being killed
  6. are being killed
  1. be been killed
  2. be been killed
  3. be been killed
  4. be been killed
  5. be been killed
  6. be been killed
  1. be killed!
  2. let's be killed!
  3. been killed
  4. being killed
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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