Detailed Synonyms for become higher in English

become higher:

to become higher verb (becomes higher, becoming higher)

  1. to become higher
    to take off; to rise; to ascend; to rise to the surface; to mount; to fly up; to increase; to bristle; to flare up; to become higher; to climb; to go upward; to get away; to go up; to be on the upgrade; to start; to grow; to be off; to become larger
    • take off verb (takes off, took off, taking off)
    • rise verb (rises, rose, rising)
    • ascend verb (ascends, ascended, ascending)
    • rise to the surface verb (rises to the surface, risen to the surface, rising to the surface)
    • mount verb (mounts, mounted, mounting)
    • fly up verb (flies up, flew up, flying up)
    • increase verb (increases, increased, increasing)
    • bristle verb (bristles, bristled, bristling)
    • flare up verb (flares up, flared up, flaring up)
    • become higher verb (becomes higher, becoming higher)
    • climb verb (climbs, climbed, climbing)
    • go upward verb (goes upward, went upward, going upward)
    • get away verb (gets away, got away, getting away)
    • go up verb (goes up, went up, going up)
    • be on the upgrade verb (is on the upgrade, being on the upgrade)
    • start verb (starts, started, starting)
    • grow verb (grows, grew, growing)
    • be off verb (is off, being off)
    • become larger verb (becomes larger, becoming larger)
  2. to become higher
    to rise; to increase; to grow; to become higher; to mount; to go up
    • rise verb (rises, rose, rising)
    • increase verb (increases, increased, increasing)
    • grow verb (grows, grew, growing)
    • become higher verb (becomes higher, becoming higher)
    • mount verb (mounts, mounted, mounting)
    • go up verb (goes up, went up, going up)

Conjugations for become higher:

  1. become higher
  2. become higher
  3. becomes higher
  4. become higher
  5. become higher
  6. become higher
present perfect
  1. have become higher
  2. have become higher
  3. has become higher
  4. have become higher
  5. have become higher
  6. have become higher
past continuous
  1. was becoming higher
  2. were becoming higher
  3. was becoming higher
  4. were becoming higher
  5. were becoming higher
  6. were becoming higher
  1. shall become higher
  2. will become higher
  3. will become higher
  4. shall become higher
  5. will become higher
  6. will become higher
continuous present
  1. am becoming higher
  2. are becoming higher
  3. is becoming higher
  4. are becoming higher
  5. are becoming higher
  6. are becoming higher
  1. be become higher
  2. be become higher
  3. be become higher
  4. be become higher
  5. be become higher
  6. be become higher
  1. become higher!
  2. let's become higher!
  3. become higher
  4. becoming higher
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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