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  1. bind up:


Detailed Synonyms for bind up in English

bind up:

to bind up verb (binds up, binding up)

  1. to bind up
    to bind; to tie; to tie up; to bind fast; pinion; to fasten; to bind up; to join
    • bind verb (binds, binding)
    • tie verb (ties, tied, tying)
    • tie up verb (ties up, tied up, tying up)
    • bind fast verb (binds fast, binding fast)
    • pinion verb
    • fasten verb (fastens, fastened, fastening)
    • bind up verb (binds up, binding up)
    • join verb (joins, joined, joining)
  2. to bind up
    to tie up; to bind up
    • tie up verb (ties up, tied up, tying up)
    • bind up verb (binds up, binding up)

Conjugations for bind up:

  1. bind up
  2. bind up
  3. binds up
  4. bind up
  5. bind up
  6. bind up
present perfect
  1. have bound up
  2. have bound up
  3. has bound up
  4. have bound up
  5. have bound up
  6. have bound up
past continuous
  1. was binding up
  2. were binding up
  3. was binding up
  4. were binding up
  5. were binding up
  6. were binding up
  1. shall bind up
  2. will bind up
  3. will bind up
  4. shall bind up
  5. will bind up
  6. will bind up
continuous present
  1. am binding up
  2. are binding up
  3. is binding up
  4. are binding up
  5. are binding up
  6. are binding up
  1. be bound up
  2. be bound up
  3. be bound up
  4. be bound up
  5. be bound up
  6. be bound up
  1. bind up!
  2. let's bind up!
  3. bound up
  4. binding up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

bind up

  1. bind up

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