Detailed Synonyms for clod in English


clod [the ~] noun

  1. the clod
    – a compact mass 1
    the lump; the chunk; the ball; the clump; the clod; the glob
    – a compact mass 1
    • lump [the ~] noun
    • chunk [the ~] noun
    • ball [the ~] noun
      • a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder1
    • clump [the ~] noun
    • clod [the ~] noun
    • glob [the ~] noun
  2. the clod
    – an awkward stupid person 1
    the lump; the lout; the gawk; the oaf; the lubber; the clod; the lummox; the stumblebum; the goon
    – an awkward stupid person 1

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  1. a compact mass1
  2. an awkward stupid person1

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