Detailed Synonyms for drudgery in English


drudgery [the ~] noun

  1. the drudgery
    the drudgery
  2. the drudgery
    the drudgery; the worrying; the troubling; the toiling
  3. the drudgery
    the drudgery; the toiling; the drudging
  4. the drudgery
    the drudgery; the bad job; the horrible job; the hellish job
  5. the drudgery
    the drudgery; the slavery; the slave labour; the slave-work; the slaves' work
  6. the drudgery
    the rooting; the burrowing; the drudgery; the grubbing
  7. the drudgery
    the toil; the drudgery; the toiling
  8. the drudgery
    – hard monotonous routine work 1
    the grind; the drudgery; the donkeywork; the plodding
    – hard monotonous routine work 1

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  1. hard monotonous routine work1

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