Detailed Synonyms for fall to in English

fall to:

to fall to verb (falls to, fell to, falling to)

  1. to fall to
    to belong to; to fall to; to come to
    • belong to verb (belongs to, belonged to, belonging to)
    • fall to verb (falls to, fell to, falling to)
    • come to verb (comes to, came to, coming to)
  2. to fall to
    to accrue to; to fall to
    • accrue to verb (accrues to, accrued to, accruing to)
    • fall to verb (falls to, fell to, falling to)
  3. to fall to
    to seize; to serve oneself; to take; to fall to; to dive in
    • seize verb (seizes, seized, seizing)
    • serve oneself verb (serves oneself, served oneself, serving oneself)
    • take verb (takes, took, taking)
    • fall to verb (falls to, fell to, falling to)
    • dive in verb (dives in, dived in, diving in)

Conjugations for fall to:

  1. fall to
  2. fall to
  3. falls to
  4. fall to
  5. fall to
  6. fall to
simple past
  1. fell to
  2. fell to
  3. fell to
  4. fell to
  5. fell to
  6. fell to
present perfect
  1. have fallen to
  2. have fallen to
  3. has fallen to
  4. have fallen to
  5. have fallen to
  6. have fallen to
past continuous
  1. was falling to
  2. were falling to
  3. was falling to
  4. were falling to
  5. were falling to
  6. were falling to
  1. shall fall to
  2. will fall to
  3. will fall to
  4. shall fall to
  5. will fall to
  6. will fall to
continuous present
  1. am falling to
  2. are falling to
  3. is falling to
  4. are falling to
  5. are falling to
  6. are falling to
  1. be fallen to
  2. be fallen to
  3. be fallen to
  4. be fallen to
  5. be fallen to
  6. be fallen to
  1. fall to!
  2. let's fall to!
  3. fallen to
  4. falling to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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