Detailed Synonyms for fetch back in English

fetch back:

to fetch back verb (fetches back, fetched back, fetching back)

  1. to fetch back
    to withdraw; to retrieve; to resign; to resign from; to retire; to pull back; to abdicate; to secede from; to fetch back
    • withdraw verb (withdraws, withdrew, withdrawing)
    • retrieve verb (retrieves, retrieved, retrieving)
    • resign verb (resigns, resigned, resigning)
    • resign from verb (resigns from, resigned from, resigning from)
    • retire verb (retires, retired, retiring)
    • pull back verb (pulls back, pulled back, pulling back)
    • abdicate verb (abdicates, abdicated, abdicating)
    • secede from verb (secedes from, seceded from, seceding from)
    • fetch back verb (fetches back, fetched back, fetching back)

Conjugations for fetch back:

  1. fetch back
  2. fetch back
  3. fetches back
  4. fetch back
  5. fetch back
  6. fetch back
simple past
  1. fetched back
  2. fetched back
  3. fetched back
  4. fetched back
  5. fetched back
  6. fetched back
present perfect
  1. have fetched back
  2. have fetched back
  3. has fetched back
  4. have fetched back
  5. have fetched back
  6. have fetched back
past continuous
  1. was fetching back
  2. were fetching back
  3. was fetching back
  4. were fetching back
  5. were fetching back
  6. were fetching back
  1. shall fetch back
  2. will fetch back
  3. will fetch back
  4. shall fetch back
  5. will fetch back
  6. will fetch back
continuous present
  1. am fetching back
  2. are fetching back
  3. is fetching back
  4. are fetching back
  5. are fetching back
  6. are fetching back
  1. be fetched back
  2. be fetched back
  3. be fetched back
  4. be fetched back
  5. be fetched back
  6. be fetched back
  1. fetch back!
  2. let's fetch back!
  3. fetched back
  4. fetching back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

fetch back

  1. fetch back

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