Detailed Synonyms for gestate in English


gestate verb

  1. gestate
    – be pregnant with 1
    to bear; to expect; to carry; gestate; have a bun in the oven
    – be pregnant with 1
    • bear verb (bears, bearing)
      • She is bearing his child1
    • expect verb (expects, expected, expecting)
      • The are expecting another child in January1
    • carry verb (carries, carried, carrying)
      • I am carrying his child1
    • gestate verb
  2. gestate
    – have the idea for 1
    to conceive; to conceptualize; conceptualise; gestate
    – have the idea for 1
    • conceive verb (conceives, conceived, conceiving)
      • He conceived of a robot that would help paralyzed patients1
      • This library was well conceived1
    • conceptualize verb, American (conceptualizes, conceptualized, conceptualizing)
    • conceptualise verb, British
    • gestate verb

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Related Definitions for "gestate":

  1. be pregnant with1
  2. have the idea for1