Detailed Synonyms for get going in English

get going:

get going adj

  1. get going

to get going verb (gets going, got going, getting going)

  1. to get going
    to move; to budge; put in motion; to set in motion; to get going
  2. to get going
    – start to be active 1
    to get going; to get started; get weaving; get moving; bestir oneself; get rolling; get cracking
    – start to be active 1
  3. to get going
    – begin or set in motion 1
    to go; to start; to get going
    – begin or set in motion 1
    • go verb (goes, went, going)
      • Ready, set, go!1
    • start verb (starts, started, starting)
      • I start at eight in the morning1
    • get going verb (gets going, got going, getting going)

Conjugations for get going:

  1. get going
  2. get going
  3. gets going
  4. get going
  5. get going
  6. get going
simple past
  1. got going
  2. got going
  3. got going
  4. got going
  5. got going
  6. got going
present perfect
  1. have gotten going
  2. have gotten going
  3. has gotten going
  4. have gotten going
  5. have gotten going
  6. have gotten going
past continuous
  1. was getting going
  2. were getting going
  3. was getting going
  4. were getting going
  5. were getting going
  6. were getting going
  1. shall get going
  2. will get going
  3. will get going
  4. shall get going
  5. will get going
  6. will get going
continuous present
  1. am getting going
  2. are getting going
  3. is getting going
  4. are getting going
  5. are getting going
  6. are getting going
  1. be gotten going
  2. be gotten going
  3. be gotten going
  4. be gotten going
  5. be gotten going
  6. be gotten going
  1. get going!
  2. let's get going!
  3. gotten going
  4. getting going
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "get going":

  1. start to be active1
  2. begin or set in motion1

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