Detailed Synonyms for gibberish in English


gibberish [the ~] noun

  1. the gibberish
    the nonsense; the rubbish; the gibberish
  2. the gibberish
    the gibberish; the nonsense
  3. the gibberish
    the gibberish; the jabber
  4. the gibberish
    the balderdash; the twaddle; the gibberish; the rubbish; the baloney; the jaw; the bull; the jabber; the drivel; the piffle; the empty talk; the rot; the waffle; the prattle; the burble; the hot air
  5. the gibberish
    the gibberish; the double Dutch; the gobbledygook; the jabber
  6. the gibberish
    – unintelligible talking 1
    the gibberish; the gibber
    – unintelligible talking 1

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  1. unintelligible talking1