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  1. hook together:


Detailed Synonyms for hook together in English

hook together:

to hook together verb (hooks together, hooked together, hooking together)

  1. to hook together
    to hitch on to; to hook on to; to connect; to couple; to fasten; to hook together
    • hitch on to verb (hitches on to, hitched on to, hitching on to)
    • hook on to verb (hooks on to, hooked on to, hooking on to)
    • connect verb (connects, connected, connecting)
    • couple verb (couples, coupled, coupling)
    • fasten verb (fastens, fastened, fastening)
    • hook together verb (hooks together, hooked together, hooking together)

Conjugations for hook together:

  1. hook together
  2. hook together
  3. hooks together
  4. hook together
  5. hook together
  6. hook together
simple past
  1. hooked together
  2. hooked together
  3. hooked together
  4. hooked together
  5. hooked together
  6. hooked together
present perfect
  1. have hooked together
  2. have hooked together
  3. has hooked together
  4. have hooked together
  5. have hooked together
  6. have hooked together
past continuous
  1. was hooking together
  2. were hooking together
  3. was hooking together
  4. were hooking together
  5. were hooking together
  6. were hooking together
  1. shall hook together
  2. will hook together
  3. will hook together
  4. shall hook together
  5. will hook together
  6. will hook together
continuous present
  1. am hooking together
  2. are hooking together
  3. is hooking together
  4. are hooking together
  5. are hooking together
  6. are hooking together
  1. be hooked together
  2. be hooked together
  3. be hooked together
  4. be hooked together
  5. be hooked together
  6. be hooked together
  1. hook together!
  2. let's hook together!
  3. hooked together
  4. hooking together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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