Detailed Synonyms for keep apart in English

keep apart:

to keep apart verb (keeps apart, kept apart, keeping apart)

  1. to keep apart
    to distinguish; to keep apart
    • distinguish verb (distinguishes, distinguished, distinguishing)
    • keep apart verb (keeps apart, kept apart, keeping apart)
  2. to keep apart
    to perceive; to become aware of; to keep apart; to notice; to hold apart; to sense; to see; to find
    • perceive verb (perceives, perceived, perceiving)
    • become aware of verb (becomes aware of, becoming aware of)
    • keep apart verb (keeps apart, kept apart, keeping apart)
    • notice verb (notices, noticed, noticing)
    • hold apart verb (holds apart, held apart, holding apart)
    • sense verb (senses, sensed, sensing)
    • see verb (sees, saw, seeing)
    • find verb (finds, found, finding)
  3. to keep apart
    – set apart from others 1
    to isolate; to set apart; to keep apart; sequestrate; sequester
    – set apart from others 1
    • isolate verb (isolates, isolated, isolating)
    • set apart verb (sets apart, set apart, setting apart)
    • keep apart verb (keeps apart, kept apart, keeping apart)
    • sequester verb
      • The dentist sequesters the tooth he is working on1

Conjugations for keep apart:

  1. keep apart
  2. keep apart
  3. keeps apart
  4. keep apart
  5. keep apart
  6. keep apart
simple past
  1. kept apart
  2. kept apart
  3. kept apart
  4. kept apart
  5. kept apart
  6. kept apart
present perfect
  1. have kept apart
  2. have kept apart
  3. has kept apart
  4. have kept apart
  5. have kept apart
  6. have kept apart
past continuous
  1. was keeping apart
  2. were keeping apart
  3. was keeping apart
  4. were keeping apart
  5. were keeping apart
  6. were keeping apart
  1. shall keep apart
  2. will keep apart
  3. will keep apart
  4. shall keep apart
  5. will keep apart
  6. will keep apart
continuous present
  1. am keeping apart
  2. are keeping apart
  3. is keeping apart
  4. are keeping apart
  5. are keeping apart
  6. are keeping apart
  1. be kept apart
  2. be kept apart
  3. be kept apart
  4. be kept apart
  5. be kept apart
  6. be kept apart
  1. keep apart!
  2. let's keep apart!
  3. kept apart
  4. keeping apart
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "keep apart":

  1. set apart from others1

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