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live in:

to live in verb (lives in, lived in, living in)

  1. to live in
    to inhabit; to reside; dwell in; take up residence; to live in
    to occupy
    – live (in a certain place) 1
    • occupy verb (occupies, occupied, occupying)
      • he occupies two rooms on the top floor1
  2. to live in
    to lodge; to live in
    • lodge verb (lodges, lodged, lodging)
    • live in verb (lives in, lived in, living in)
  3. to live in
    to reside; to sojourn; to live in; take up residence
  4. to live in
    – live in the house where one works 1
    to live in; sleep in
    – live in the house where one works 1

Conjugations for live in:

  1. live in
  2. live in
  3. lives in
  4. live in
  5. live in
  6. live in
simple past
  1. lived in
  2. lived in
  3. lived in
  4. lived in
  5. lived in
  6. lived in
present perfect
  1. have lived in
  2. have lived in
  3. has lived in
  4. have lived in
  5. have lived in
  6. have lived in
past continuous
  1. was living in
  2. were living in
  3. was living in
  4. were living in
  5. were living in
  6. were living in
  1. shall live in
  2. will live in
  3. will live in
  4. shall live in
  5. will live in
  6. will live in
continuous present
  1. am living in
  2. are living in
  3. is living in
  4. are living in
  5. are living in
  6. are living in
  1. be lived in
  2. be lived in
  3. be lived in
  4. be lived in
  5. be lived in
  6. be lived in
  1. live in!
  2. let's live in!
  3. lived in
  4. living in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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  1. live in the house where one works1

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