Detailed Synonyms for manpower in English


manpower [the ~] noun

  1. the manpower
    the employee; the staff member; the worker; the fellow worker; the clerk; the labourer; the member of staff; the manpower; the laborer
    the hand
    – a hired laborer on a farm or ranch 1
    • hand [the ~] noun
      • a ranch hand1
  2. the manpower
    the manpower
  3. the manpower
    the steering; the servants; the personnel; the manpower; the employees; the staff
  4. the manpower
    the employees; the personnel; the staff; the servants; the manpower
  5. the manpower
    the manpower; the force
  6. the manpower
    – the force of workers available 1
    the workforce; the men; the hands; the manpower; the work force
    – the force of workers available 1

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  1. the force of workers available1