Detailed Synonyms for parcel out in English

parcel out:

to parcel out verb (parcels out, parcelled out, parcelling out)

  1. to parcel out
    to divide; to parcel out; lot
    • divide verb (divides, divided, dividing)
    • parcel out verb (parcels out, parcelled out, parcelling out)
    • lot verb
  2. to parcel out
    to distribute; to hand out; to confer; to give out; pass around; to dish out; to parcel out; to hand round; to dole out
    • distribute verb (distributes, distributed, distributing)
    • hand out verb (hands out, handed out, handing out)
    • confer verb (confers, conferred, conferring)
    • give out verb (gives out, gave out, giving out)
    • dish out verb (dishes out, dished out, dishing out)
    • parcel out verb (parcels out, parcelled out, parcelling out)
    • hand round verb (hands round, handed round, handing round)
    • dole out verb (doles out, doled out, doling out)

Conjugations for parcel out:

  1. parcel out
  2. parcel out
  3. parcels out
  4. parcel out
  5. parcel out
  6. parcel out
simple past
  1. parcelled out
  2. parcelled out
  3. parcelled out
  4. parcelled out
  5. parcelled out
  6. parcelled out
present perfect
  1. have parcelled out
  2. have parcelled out
  3. has parcelled out
  4. have parcelled out
  5. have parcelled out
  6. have parcelled out
past continuous
  1. was parcelling out
  2. were parcelling out
  3. was parcelling out
  4. were parcelling out
  5. were parcelling out
  6. were parcelling out
  1. shall parcel out
  2. will parcel out
  3. will parcel out
  4. shall parcel out
  5. will parcel out
  6. will parcel out
continuous present
  1. am parcelling out
  2. are parcelling out
  3. is parcelling out
  4. are parcelling out
  5. are parcelling out
  6. are parcelling out
  1. be parcelled out
  2. be parcelled out
  3. be parcelled out
  4. be parcelled out
  5. be parcelled out
  6. be parcelled out
  1. parcel out!
  2. let's parcel out!
  3. parcelled out
  4. parcelling out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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