Detailed Synonyms for send word in English

send word:

to send word verb (sends word, sent word, sending word)

  1. to send word
    to notify; to inform; to make known; to send word
    • notify verb (notifies, notified, notifying)
    • inform verb (informs, informed, informing)
    • make known verb (makes known, made known, making known)
    • send word verb (sends word, sent word, sending word)
  2. to send word
    – inform (somebody) of something 1
    to advise; to notify; to send word; to give notice; apprize; apprise
    – inform (somebody) of something 1
    • advise verb (advises, advised, advising)
      • I advised him that the rent was due1
    • notify verb (notifies, notified, notifying)
    • send word verb (sends word, sent word, sending word)
    • give notice verb (gives notice, gave notice, giving notice)
    • apprize verb, American
    • apprise verb, British

Conjugations for send word:

  1. send word
  2. send word
  3. sends word
  4. send word
  5. send word
  6. send word
simple past
  1. sent word
  2. sent word
  3. sent word
  4. sent word
  5. sent word
  6. sent word
present perfect
  1. have sent word
  2. have sent word
  3. has sent word
  4. have sent word
  5. have sent word
  6. have sent word
past continuous
  1. was sending word
  2. were sending word
  3. was sending word
  4. were sending word
  5. were sending word
  6. were sending word
  1. shall send word
  2. will send word
  3. will send word
  4. shall send word
  5. will send word
  6. will send word
continuous present
  1. am sending word
  2. are sending word
  3. is sending word
  4. are sending word
  5. are sending word
  6. are sending word
  1. be sent word
  2. be sent word
  3. be sent word
  4. be sent word
  5. be sent word
  6. be sent word
  1. send word!
  2. let's send word!
  3. sent word
  4. sending word
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "send word":

  1. inform (somebody) of something1

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