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  1. slip up:


Detailed Synonyms for slip up in English

slip up:

to slip up verb (slips up, slipped up, slipping up)

  1. to slip up
    to slip; to skid; to slide; to slither; to glide; to slip up; to skim
    • slip verb (slips, slipped, slipping)
    • skid verb (skids, skidded, skidding)
    • slide verb (slides, slid, sliding)
    • slither verb (slithers, slithered, slithering)
    • glide verb (glides, glided, gliding)
    • slip up verb (slips up, slipped up, slipping up)
    • skim verb (skims, skimmed, skimming)
  2. to slip up
    – make an error 1
    to stumble; to slip up; to trip up
    – make an error 1
    • stumble verb (stumbles, stumbled, stumbling)
    • slip up verb (slips up, slipped up, slipping up)
    • trip up verb (trips up, tripped up, tripping up)

Conjugations for slip up:

  1. slip up
  2. slip up
  3. slips up
  4. slip up
  5. slip up
  6. slip up
simple past
  1. slipped up
  2. slipped up
  3. slipped up
  4. slipped up
  5. slipped up
  6. slipped up
present perfect
  1. have slipped up
  2. have slipped up
  3. has slipped up
  4. have slipped up
  5. have slipped up
  6. have slipped up
past continuous
  1. was slipping up
  2. were slipping up
  3. was slipping up
  4. were slipping up
  5. were slipping up
  6. were slipping up
  1. shall slip up
  2. will slip up
  3. will slip up
  4. shall slip up
  5. will slip up
  6. will slip up
continuous present
  1. am slipping up
  2. are slipping up
  3. is slipping up
  4. are slipping up
  5. are slipping up
  6. are slipping up
  1. be slipped up
  2. be slipped up
  3. be slipped up
  4. be slipped up
  5. be slipped up
  6. be slipped up
  1. slip up!
  2. let's slip up!
  3. slipped up
  4. slipping up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "slip up":

  1. make an error1

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