Detailed Synonyms for spick-and-span in English


spick-and-span adj

  1. spick-and-span
  2. spick-and-span
    – completely neat and clean 1
    immaculate; spotless; spick-and-span; spic-and-span; speckless; spick; spic
    – completely neat and clean 1
  3. spick-and-span
    – conspicuously new 1
    brand-new; spick-and-span; bran-new; spic-and-span
    – conspicuously new 1

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Related Definitions for "spick-and-span":

  1. completely neat and clean1
    • a spick-and-span kitchen1
  2. conspicuously new1
    • a spick-and-span novelty1

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