Detailed Synonyms for talk out in English

talk out:

to talk out verb (talks out, talked out, talking out)

  1. to talk out
    to pronounce; to talk out; to talk over; to finish; to have out
    • pronounce verb (pronounces, pronounced, pronouncing)
    • talk out verb (talks out, talked out, talking out)
    • talk over verb (talks over, talked over, talking over)
    • finish verb (finishes, finished, finishing)
    • have out verb (has out, had out, having out)
  2. to talk out
    patch up a quarrel; to clear up; to talk out
    to discuss
    – speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion 1
    • discuss verb (discusss, discussed, discussing)
      • We discussed our household budget1

Conjugations for talk out:

  1. talk out
  2. talk out
  3. talks out
  4. talk out
  5. talk out
  6. talk out
simple past
  1. talked out
  2. talked out
  3. talked out
  4. talked out
  5. talked out
  6. talked out
present perfect
  1. have talked out
  2. have talked out
  3. has talked out
  4. have talked out
  5. have talked out
  6. have talked out
past continuous
  1. was talking out
  2. were talking out
  3. was talking out
  4. were talking out
  5. were talking out
  6. were talking out
  1. shall talk out
  2. will talk out
  3. will talk out
  4. shall talk out
  5. will talk out
  6. will talk out
continuous present
  1. am talking out
  2. are talking out
  3. is talking out
  4. are talking out
  5. are talking out
  6. are talking out
  1. be talked out
  2. be talked out
  3. be talked out
  4. be talked out
  5. be talked out
  6. be talked out
  1. talk out!
  2. let's talk out!
  3. talked out
  4. talking out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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