Detailed Synonyms for toil and moil in English

toil and moil:

to toil and moil verb (toils and moil, toiled and moiled, toiling and moiling)

  1. to toil and moil
    to grasp; caught; to snatch; to seize; to grip; to catch; to snatch away; to drag; to clutch; to yearn; to reach; to slog away; to toil and moil; to rummage about; to rout; to clasp; to pilfer; to snout; to slave away; to stick; to root; to scratch
    • grasp verb (grasps, grasped, grasping)
    • caught verb
    • snatch verb (snatchs, snatched, snatching)
    • seize verb (seizes, seized, seizing)
    • grip verb (grips, gripped, gripping)
    • catch verb (catches, catched, catching)
    • snatch away verb (snatchs away, snatched away, snatching away)
    • drag verb (drags, dragged, dragging)
    • clutch verb (clutchs, clutched, clutching)
    • yearn verb (yearns, yearned, yearning)
    • reach verb (reachs, reached, reaching)
    • slog away verb (slogs away, slogged away, slogging away)
    • toil and moil verb (toils and moil, toiled and moiled, toiling and moiling)
    • rummage about verb (rummages about, rummaged about, rummaging about)
    • rout verb (routs, routed, routing)
    • clasp verb (clasps, clasped, clasping)
    • pilfer verb (pilfers, pilfered, pilfering)
    • snout verb (snouts, snouted, snouting)
    • slave away verb (slaves away, slaved away, slaving away)
    • stick verb (sticks, sticked, sticking)
    • root verb (roots, rooted, rooting)
    • scratch verb (scratches, scratched, scratching)

Conjugations for toil and moil:

  1. toil and moil
  2. toil and moil
  3. toils and moil
  4. toil and moil
  5. toil and moil
  6. toil and moil
simple past
  1. toiled and moiled
  2. toiled and moiled
  3. toiled and moiled
  4. toiled and moiled
  5. toiled and moiled
  6. toiled and moiled
present perfect
  1. have toiled and moiled
  2. have toiled and moiled
  3. has toiled and moiled
  4. have toiled and moiled
  5. have toiled and moiled
  6. have toiled and moiled
past continuous
  1. was toiling and moiling
  2. were toiling and moiling
  3. was toiling and moiling
  4. were toiling and moiling
  5. were toiling and moiling
  6. were toiling and moiling
  1. shall toil and moil
  2. will toil and moil
  3. will toil and moil
  4. shall toil and moil
  5. will toil and moil
  6. will toil and moil
continuous present
  1. am toiling and moiling
  2. are toiling and moiling
  3. is toiling and moiling
  4. are toiling and moiling
  5. are toiling and moiling
  6. are toiling and moiling
  1. be toiled and moiled
  2. be toiled and moiled
  3. be toiled and moiled
  4. be toiled and moiled
  5. be toiled and moiled
  6. be toiled and moiled
  1. toil and moil!
  2. let's toil and moil!
  3. toiled and moiled
  4. toiling and moiling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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