Detailed Synonyms for toss in the air in English

toss in the air:

toss in the air verb

  1. toss in the air
    to toss up; toss in the air; throw upward
  2. toss in the air
    to broach a subject; to raise; to put forward; to initiate; to broach; to sting; to reap; to bring up; to put on the table; to cut into; to throw up; to toss up; to cut; toss in the air
    • broach a subject verb (broaches a subject, broached a subject, broaching a subject)
    • raise verb (raises, raised, raising)
    • put forward verb (puts forward, put forward, putting forward)
    • initiate verb (initiates, initiated, initiating)
    • broach verb (broaches, broached, broaching)
    • sting verb (stings, stinged, stinging)
    • reap verb (reaps, reaped, reaping)
    • bring up verb (brings up, brought up, bringing up)
    • put on the table verb (puts on the table, put on the table, putting on the table)
    • cut into verb (cuts into, cut into, cutting into)
    • throw up verb (throws up, threw up, throwing up)
    • toss up verb (tosses up, tossed up, tossing up)
    • cut verb (cuts, cut, cutting)
  3. toss in the air

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