Detailed Synonyms for twaddle in English


to twaddle verb (twaddles, twaddled, twaddling)

  1. to twaddle
    to twaddle; to whine
    • twaddle verb (twaddles, twaddled, twaddling)
    • whine verb (whines, whined, whining)
  2. to twaddle
    to twaddle; to babble; to prattle; to talk crap; to jabber; to talk rot; to gab; to talk rubbish; to rot; to jaw; to blab; to have a chat; to chat; to chatter; to drivel; to prattle on
    • twaddle verb (twaddles, twaddled, twaddling)
    • babble verb (babbles, babbled, babbling)
    • prattle verb (prattles, prattled, prattling)
    • talk crap verb (talks crap, talked crap, talking crap)
    • jabber verb (jabbers, jabbered, jabbering)
    • talk rot verb (talks rot, talked rot, talking rot)
    • gab verb (gabs, gabbed, gabbing)
    • talk rubbish verb (talks rubbish, talked rubbish, talking rubbish)
    • rot verb (rots, rotted, rotting)
    • jaw verb (jaws, jawed, jawing)
    • blab verb (blabs, blabbed, blabbing)
    • have a chat verb (has a chat, had a chat, having a chat)
    • chat verb (chats, chated, chating)
    • chatter verb (chatters, chattered, chattering)
    • drivel verb (drivels, driveled, driveling)
    • prattle on verb (prattles on, prattled on, prattling on)

Conjugations for twaddle:

  1. twaddle
  2. twaddle
  3. twaddles
  4. twaddle
  5. twaddle
  6. twaddle
simple past
  1. twaddled
  2. twaddled
  3. twaddled
  4. twaddled
  5. twaddled
  6. twaddled
present perfect
  1. have twaddled
  2. have twaddled
  3. has twaddled
  4. have twaddled
  5. have twaddled
  6. have twaddled
past continuous
  1. was twaddling
  2. were twaddling
  3. was twaddling
  4. were twaddling
  5. were twaddling
  6. were twaddling
  1. shall twaddle
  2. will twaddle
  3. will twaddle
  4. shall twaddle
  5. will twaddle
  6. will twaddle
continuous present
  1. am twaddling
  2. are twaddling
  3. is twaddling
  4. are twaddling
  5. are twaddling
  6. are twaddling
  1. be twaddled
  2. be twaddled
  3. be twaddled
  4. be twaddled
  5. be twaddled
  6. be twaddled
  1. twaddle!
  2. let's twaddle!
  3. twaddled
  4. twaddling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

twaddle [the ~] noun

  1. the twaddle
    the nonsense; the baloney; the twaddle; the humbug; the folly; the tattle; the piffle
  2. the twaddle
    the balderdash; the twaddle; the gibberish; the rubbish; the baloney; the jaw; the bull; the jabber; the drivel; the piffle; the empty talk; the rot; the waffle; the prattle; the burble; the hot air

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