Detailed Synonyms for unstinting in English


unstinting adj

  1. unstinting
    – very generous 1
    lavish; munificent; unsparing; unstinting; overgenerous; too-generous; unstinted
    – very generous 1
    • lavish adj
      • distributed gifts with a lavish hand1
      • the critics were lavish in their praise1
    • munificent adj
      • a munificent gift1
      • his father gave him a half-dollar and his mother a quarter and he thought them munificent1
    • unsparing adj
      • unsparing generosity1
    • unstinting adj
      • called for unstinting aid to Britain1
    • unstinted adj
      • his unstinted devotion1

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Related Definitions for "unstinting":

  1. very generous1
    • called for unstinting aid to Britain1