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Detailed Translations for applaud from English to Spanish


to applaud verb (applauds, applauded, applauding)

  1. to applaud (clap)
  2. to applaud (cheer; acclaim; hurray)

Conjugations for applaud:

  1. applaud
  2. applaud
  3. applauds
  4. applaud
  5. applaud
  6. applaud
simple past
  1. applauded
  2. applauded
  3. applauded
  4. applauded
  5. applauded
  6. applauded
present perfect
  1. have applauded
  2. have applauded
  3. has applauded
  4. have applauded
  5. have applauded
  6. have applauded
past continuous
  1. was applauding
  2. were applauding
  3. was applauding
  4. were applauding
  5. were applauding
  6. were applauding
  1. shall applaud
  2. will applaud
  3. will applaud
  4. shall applaud
  5. will applaud
  6. will applaud
continuous present
  1. am applauding
  2. are applauding
  3. is applauding
  4. are applauding
  5. are applauding
  6. are applauding
  1. be applauded
  2. be applauded
  3. be applauded
  4. be applauded
  5. be applauded
  6. be applauded
  1. applaud!
  2. let's applaud!
  3. applauded
  4. applauding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for applaud:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aclamar acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray encourage; give an ovation; honor; honour
aplaudir acclaim; applaud; cheer; clap; hurray encourage; give an ovation; honor; honour
batir palmas applaud; clap
ovacionar acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray
palmotear applaud; clap
- acclaim; clap; spat

Related Words for "applaud":

  • applauding

Synonyms for "applaud":

Antonyms for "applaud":

Related Definitions for "applaud":

  1. express approval of1
    • I applaud your efforts1
  2. clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval1

Wiktionary Translations for applaud:

  1. to express approval by clapping

Cross Translation:
applaud vitorear; vivar; aplaudir; ovacionar; aclamar toejuichen — met gejuich begroeten
applaud aplaudir applaudisseren — in de handen klappen om goedkeuring of bewondering te tonen
applaud aplaudir applaudierenBeifall klatschen
applaud aclamar acclamersaluer par des acclamations.
applaud aplaudir applaudirbattre des mains en signe d’approbation.
applaud acuñar; barajar; golpetear; pegar; sacudir; trillar battrefrapper de coups répétés.