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Detailed Translations for flipside from English to Spanish


flipside [the ~] noun

  1. the flipside (otherside; reverse)
    la parte de atrás; el revés; el dorso

Translation Matrix for flipside:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dorso flipside; otherside; reverse back-piece
parte de atrás flipside; otherside; reverse back; back of a chair; back side; bottom; drawback; lower side; other side; reverse; seamy side
revés flipside; otherside; reverse back-piece; lapel

Wiktionary Translations for flipside:

Cross Translation:
flipside reverso Kehrseite — die abgewandte, hintere Ansicht (z.B. eines Körpers)
flipside reverso Kehrseite — Entgegengesetztes
flipside reverso Kehrseite — die andere, negative Seite einer Sache oder Angelegenheit
flipside verso; dorso verso — imprimerie|fr second page d’un feuillet, par opposition à recto.

flip side:

Synonyms for "flip side":

Related Definitions for "flip side":

  1. a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect)1
    • the flip side of your positive qualities sometimes get out of control1
    • on the flip side of partnerships he talked about their competition1