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Detailed Translations for argumentative from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for argumentative:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alterador brawler; quarreler; quarreller; quarrelsome person; troublemaker
peleón brawler; quarrelsome person
pendenciero brawler; quarrelsome person
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alterador argumentative; quarrelsome
buscando peleas argumentative; quarrelsome
parecido a un peleo argumentative; quarrelsome
peleón argumentative; quarrelsome cocky; quarrelsome; snappish; waspish
pendenciero argumentative; quarrelsome
querelloso argumentative; quarrelsome
rencilloso argumentative; quarrelsome discontented; disgruntled; displeased; dissatisfied

Related Words for "argumentative":

  • argumentativeness, argumentatively

Synonyms for "argumentative":

Antonyms for "argumentative":

  • unargumentative

Related Definitions for "argumentative":

  1. given to or characterized by argument1
    • an argumentative discourse1
    • argumentative to the point of being cantankerous1
    • an intelligent but argumentative child1

Wiktionary Translations for argumentative:

  1. prone to argue or dispute