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  1. baptize:
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Detailed Translations for baptize from English to Spanish


to baptize verb, American (baptizes, baptized, baptizeing)

  1. to baptize (christen; name; baptise)

Conjugations for baptize:

  1. baptize
  2. baptize
  3. baptizes
  4. baptize
  5. baptize
  6. baptize
simple past
  1. baptized
  2. baptized
  3. baptized
  4. baptized
  5. baptized
  6. baptized
present perfect
  1. have baptized
  2. have baptized
  3. has baptized
  4. have baptized
  5. have baptized
  6. have baptized
past continuous
  1. was baptizeing
  2. were baptizeing
  3. was baptizeing
  4. were baptizeing
  5. were baptizeing
  6. were baptizeing
  1. shall baptize
  2. will baptize
  3. will baptize
  4. shall baptize
  5. will baptize
  6. will baptize
continuous present
  1. am baptizeing
  2. are baptizeing
  3. is baptizeing
  4. are baptizeing
  5. are baptizeing
  6. are baptizeing
  1. be baptized
  2. be baptized
  3. be baptized
  4. be baptized
  5. be baptized
  6. be baptized
  1. baptize!
  2. let's baptize!
  3. baptized
  4. baptizeing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for baptize:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bautizar baptizing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bautizar baptise; baptize; christen; name
mojar baptise; baptize; christen; name dampen; moisten; squirt water upon; water; wet
- baptise; christen

Related Words for "baptize":

Synonyms for "baptize":

Related Definitions for "baptize":

  1. administer baptism to1
    • The parents had the child baptized1

Wiktionary Translations for baptize:

  1. To sprinkle or pour water over, or to immerse in water

Cross Translation:
baptize cristianar; acristianar; bautizar dopen — iemand ritueel met water besprenkelen of erin onderdompelen en zodoende tot een geloof toelaten
baptize bautizar taufen — (transitiv) jemandem die Taufe (und dabei einen Namen) geben
baptize bautizar baptiser — (religion) rendre chrétien par le baptême.

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