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  1. barroom:


Detailed Translations for barroom from English to Spanish


barroom [the ~] noun

  1. the barroom (bar)
    el comedor; el café; el bar; la cafetería; la taberna; la barraca

Translation Matrix for barroom:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bar bar; barroom bar; café; coffee bar; coffee-room; coffeeshop; diner; fish and chips stand; foyer; inn; pub; public house; refreshment bar; refreshment room; refreshmentroom; tavern; tearoom; teashop
barraca bar; barroom barn; barrack; cabin; caboodle; cage; chaos; construction shed; cot; groyne; hangar; hash; kennel; makeshift building; mayhem; mess; muddle; old barrack; old tub; pen; pig-sty; rabbit-hutch; shanty; shealing; shed; shepherd's hut; site hut; soldiers's room; temporary building; temporary construction
cafetería bar; barroom bar; beanery; bistro; buffet; cafeteria; café; canteen; coffee bar; coffee house; coffee shop; coffee stall; coffee-shop; coffeeshop; diner; dinette; dining-hall; dining-room; eating house; eating-house; fish and chips stand; inn; pub; public house; refreshment bar; refreshment room; refreshment-room; restaurant; snack bar; snackbar; tavern; tearoom; teashop
café bar; barroom alebar; bar; beer hall; café; coffee; coffee bar; coffee house; coffeeshop; fish and chips stand; inn; pub; public house; tavern; tearoom; teashop
comedor bar; barroom café; canteen; dinette; dining area; dining room; dining-hall; dining-place; dining-room; inn; public house; refreshment-room; tavern
taberna bar; barroom bar; beanery; café; canteen; coffeeshop; eating house; eating-house; inn; pub; public house; restaurant; tavern
- bar; ginmill; saloon; taproom

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  • barrooms

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Related Definitions for "barroom":

  1. a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter1