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  1. blighted:


Detailed Translations for blighted from English to Spanish


blighted adj

  1. blighted (ruined; destroyed)

Translation Matrix for blighted:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- spoilt
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
asolado blighted; destroyed; ruined
destrozado blighted; destroyed; ruined broken; bust; crushed; cut up; defective; demolished; knocked down; on the blink; out of order; pulled down; ruined; shattered; sliced; smashed; to pieces; torn; torn down
destruido blighted; destroyed; ruined demolished; knocked down; pulled down; torn down
devastado blighted; destroyed; ruined
roto blighted; destroyed; ruined broken; broken through; bust; defective; demolished; faulty; indistinct; knocked down; obscure; on the blink; out of order; pulled down; ruined; ruptured; to pieces; torn; torn down; unclear

Synonyms for "blighted":

Related Definitions for "blighted":

  1. affected by blight; anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity1
    • a blighted rose1
    • blighted urban districts1