Detailed Translations for blusher from English to Spanish


blusher [the ~] noun

  1. the blusher (rouge)
    el colorete

Translation Matrix for blusher:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colorete blusher; rouge
- Amanita rubescens; blushing mushroom; paint; rouge

Related Words for "blusher":

  • blushers

Synonyms for "blusher":

  • blushing mushroom; Amanita rubescens; agaric
  • rouge; paint; makeup; make-up; war paint

Related Definitions for "blusher":

  1. makeup consisting of a pink or red powder applied to the cheeks1
  2. yellowish edible agaric that usually turns red when touched1

Wiktionary Translations for blusher:

Cross Translation:
blusher amanita rojiza amanite rougissante — mycologie|fr espèce de champignons à lames, à volve et à anneau, au chapeau brun rosé taché de blanc ou de crème, et dont la chair cassée rougit.

blusher form of blush:

Conjugations for blush:

  1. blush
  2. blush
  3. blushs
  4. blush
  5. blush
  6. blush
simple past
  1. blushed
  2. blushed
  3. blushed
  4. blushed
  5. blushed
  6. blushed
present perfect
  1. have blushed
  2. have blushed
  3. has blushed
  4. have blushed
  5. have blushed
  6. have blushed
past continuous
  1. was blushing
  2. were blushing
  3. was blushing
  4. were blushing
  5. were blushing
  6. were blushing
  1. shall blush
  2. will blush
  3. will blush
  4. shall blush
  5. will blush
  6. will blush
continuous present
  1. am blushing
  2. are blushing
  3. is blushing
  4. are blushing
  5. are blushing
  6. are blushing
  1. be blushed
  2. be blushed
  3. be blushed
  4. be blushed
  5. be blushed
  6. be blushed
  1. blush!
  2. let's blush!
  3. blushed
  4. blushing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

blush [the ~] noun

  1. the blush (flush)
    el rubor

Translation Matrix for blush:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arder burning; burnings; roasting
rubor blush; flush blush of shame; flash; flush
- bloom; flush; rosiness
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abochornarse blush; flush; glow; turn red
arder blush; flush; glow; turn red blaze; burn; flame; scald; scorch; singe
arder sin llama blush; flush; glow; turn red carbonise; carbonize; get charred; simmer; smoulder
avergonzarse blush; flush; glow; turn red be ashamed; be embarrassed; be shy; feel ashamed of; feel ill at ease; shame
colorear blush; flush; glow; turn red color; colour; tint
enrojecer blush; flush; glow; turn red
estar al rojo vivo blush; flush; glow; turn red
estar latente blush; flush; glow; turn red
iluminar blush; flush; glow; turn red clarify; enlighten; illuminate; light; light out; light up; lighten; pull out; shine; shine light on; shine on; shine upon; spotlight; take out; throw light upon; undo; unpick
ponerse colorado blush; flush; glow; turn red get angry; grow purple
ruborizarse blush; flush; glow; turn red
sonrojarse blush; flush; glow; turn red
- crimson; flush; redden

Related Words for "blush":

Synonyms for "blush":

Related Definitions for "blush":

  1. sudden reddening of the face (as from embarrassment or guilt or shame or modesty)1
  2. a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health1
  3. turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame1
    • The girl blushed when a young man whistled as she walked by1
  4. become rosy or reddish1
    • her cheeks blushed in the cold winter air1

Wiktionary Translations for blush:

  1. to redden in the face from shame, excitement or embarrassment
  1. makeup
  2. an act of blushing

Cross Translation:
blush ponerse colorado; ruborizarse; ponerse rojo errötenRot werden im Gesicht; insbesondere beim Menschen durch Erweiterung der Blutgefäße
blush ponerse rojo; sonrojarse; abochornar rougir — trans|fr rendre rouge ; peindre ou teindre en rouge.