Detailed Translations for bump into from English to Spanish

bump into:

to bump into verb (bumps into, bumped into, bumping into)

  1. to bump into (collide; crash; bump up against; bang into)
  2. to bump into
  3. to bump into (run into; stumble across; bang into)

Conjugations for bump into:

  1. bump into
  2. bump into
  3. bumps into
  4. bump into
  5. bump into
  6. bump into
simple past
  1. bumped into
  2. bumped into
  3. bumped into
  4. bumped into
  5. bumped into
  6. bumped into
present perfect
  1. have bumped into
  2. have bumped into
  3. has bumped into
  4. have bumped into
  5. have bumped into
  6. have bumped into
past continuous
  1. was bumping into
  2. were bumping into
  3. was bumping into
  4. were bumping into
  5. were bumping into
  6. were bumping into
  1. shall bump into
  2. will bump into
  3. will bump into
  4. shall bump into
  5. will bump into
  6. will bump into
continuous present
  1. am bumping into
  2. are bumping into
  3. is bumping into
  4. are bumping into
  5. are bumping into
  6. are bumping into
  1. be bumped into
  2. be bumped into
  3. be bumped into
  4. be bumped into
  5. be bumped into
  6. be bumped into
  1. bump into!
  2. let's bump into!
  3. bumped into
  4. bumping into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bump into:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chocar bang into; bump into; bump up against; collide; crash brush off; brutalise; brutalize; bump into each other; clang; clink; come forward with; cough up; defamate; dig; drive to pieces; jab; jangle; jingle; knock together; poke; prod; rattling; slander; snub; strike together; tinkle; tinkle away; turn out
chocar con bang into; bump into; bump up against; collide; crash nudge
chocar contra bang into; bump into; bump up against; collide; crash knock on; tap on
encontrarse con bang into; bump into; run into; stumble across meet
tropezar con bump into
- butt against; jar against; knock against; run into

Synonyms for "bump into":

Related Definitions for "bump into":

  1. collide violently with an obstacle1

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