Detailed Translations for cellar from English to Spanish


cellar [the ~] noun

  1. the cellar (basement; vault)
    la bodega; el basamento; la caja de caudales; la celda; la cubierta; la fundamento; la cámara acorazada; la cimentación
  2. the cellar (vault; safe)

Translation Matrix for cellar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
basamento basement; cellar; vault basal area; base; basic assumption; basic principle; basis; lower part; motivation; point of departure; point of support; principle; starting point; station of support; substructure
bodega basement; cellar; vault cargo hold; cargo space; hold; licensed victualler's shop; ship's hold; wine cellar
caja de caudales basement; cellar; safe; vault cash box; coffer; strongbox; treasure chest
caja de seguridad cellar; safe; vault fuse box; fuse-box; safe; safe counter; safe deposit box; safe deposit box window; safe deposit boxes window; strongbox
caja fuerte cellar; safe; vault safe; safe deposit box; strongbox
celda basement; cellar; vault cell
cimentación basement; cellar; vault
cubierta basement; cellar; vault archway; bedcover; bedspread; binding; book cover; ceiling; counterpane; cover; cover up roof; covering; covering for the head; coverlet; cupola; deck; dust-jacket; hat; roof; roofing; roofing over; slip; top; vault
cámara acorazada basement; cellar; safe; vault safe deposit
fundamento basement; cellar; vault article of faith; axiom; base; basic rule; basic thought; basis; dogma; first layer; foundation; fundamental idea; fundamental property; initial concept; maxim; precept; priming coat; principle; rule of life; tenet; undercoat
- basement; root cellar; wine cellar

Related Words for "cellar":

  • cellars

Synonyms for "cellar":

Related Definitions for "cellar":

  1. the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage1
  2. storage space where wines are stored1
  3. an excavation where root vegetables are stored1

Wiktionary Translations for cellar:

  1. wine collection
  2. underground space

Cross Translation:
cellar sótano kelder — een ondergrondse bergruimte
cellar bóveda Gewölbe — Raum mit einem Gewölbe nach [1]
cellar sótano; cueva Keller — unterirdischer Vorratsraum
cellar sótano cave — Étage souterrain

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