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Detailed Translations for decipher from English to Spanish


to decipher verb (deciphers, deciphered, deciphering)

  1. to decipher (solve; decode)
  2. to decipher (decode)

Conjugations for decipher:

  1. decipher
  2. decipher
  3. deciphers
  4. decipher
  5. decipher
  6. decipher
simple past
  1. deciphered
  2. deciphered
  3. deciphered
  4. deciphered
  5. deciphered
  6. deciphered
present perfect
  1. have deciphered
  2. have deciphered
  3. has deciphered
  4. have deciphered
  5. have deciphered
  6. have deciphered
past continuous
  1. was deciphering
  2. were deciphering
  3. was deciphering
  4. were deciphering
  5. were deciphering
  6. were deciphering
  1. shall decipher
  2. will decipher
  3. will decipher
  4. shall decipher
  5. will decipher
  6. will decipher
continuous present
  1. am deciphering
  2. are deciphering
  3. is deciphering
  4. are deciphering
  5. are deciphering
  6. are deciphering
  1. be deciphered
  2. be deciphered
  3. be deciphered
  4. be deciphered
  5. be deciphered
  6. be deciphered
  1. decipher!
  2. let's decipher!
  3. deciphered
  4. deciphering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for decipher:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
decodificar decipher; decode; solve
descifrar decipher; decode; solve censure; claw; criticise; criticize; decrypt; disentangle; disentwine; grate; paw; rasp; run down; scrape; scratch; screech; slate; solve; unravel
sacar en claro decipher; decode; solve detect; discover; reveal; spot
solucionar decipher; decode; solve detect; discover; finish; fix; have ended; have finished; reveal; solve; spot; unravel
- decode; decrypt; trace

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Synonyms for "decipher":

Antonyms for "decipher":

Related Definitions for "decipher":

  1. read with difficulty1
    • Can you decipher this letter?1
  2. convert code into ordinary language1

Wiktionary Translations for decipher:

  1. to find a solution
  2. to read illegible or obscure text
  3. to decode or decrypt a code or cipher

Cross Translation:
decipher descifrar ontcijferen — qua betekenis duiden
decipher descifrar dechiffrieren — einen in Geheimschrift verfassten Text entschlüsseln
decipher descifrar déchiffrer — décoder ce qui est écrit en chiffre