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Detailed Translations for depot from English to Spanish


depot [the ~] noun

  1. the depot (warehouse; storehouse; store; shed)
    – a depository for goods 1
    el guardamuebles
  2. the depot (warehouse; depository; store)
    – a depository for goods 1
    el depósito; el almacenamiento; el almacenaje
  3. the depot (arms depot; warehouse; store)
    – a depository for goods 1
    la recámara
  4. the depot (larder; pantry; store; warehouse)
    – a depository for goods 1
    la despensa
  5. the depot (station; railway station; railroad station; )
    – station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods 1
    la estación

Translation Matrix for depot:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
almacenaje depository; depot; store; warehouse buffer; surcharge
almacenamiento depository; depot; store; warehouse storage; surcharge
depósito depository; depot; store; warehouse armored car; armoured car; cistern; collecting basin; container; deposit; deposit at; depository; dregs; entrust to; holder; last bit; leave with; lees; lodge with; receptacle; remnant; repository; reservoir; residuum; rest; saving; sediment; sludge; storage basin; storeroom; storing; tank; the last bit; water reservoir; water tank
despensa depot; larder; pantry; store; warehouse larder; store-cellar
estación depot; railroad station; railroad terminal; railway station; station; train depot; train station period of the year; season
guardamuebles depot; shed; store; storehouse; warehouse
recámara arms depot; depot; store; warehouse
- entrepot; storage; store; storehouse; terminal; terminus

Synonyms for "depot":

Related Definitions for "depot":

  1. a depository for goods1
  2. station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods1

Wiktionary Translations for depot:

Cross Translation:
depot depósito dépôt — Lieu où l’on entrepose des marchandises

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