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Detailed Translations for disappearance from English to Spanish


disappearance [the ~] noun

  1. the disappearance (vanishing; disappearing)
    la desaparición

Translation Matrix for disappearance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desaparición disappearance; disappearing; vanishing leaving
- disappearing; fade

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Synonyms for "disappearance":

Antonyms for "disappearance":

Related Definitions for "disappearance":

  1. the act of leaving secretly or without explanation1
  2. gradually ceasing to be visible1
  3. the event of passing out of sight1
  4. ceasing to exist1
    • he regretted the disappearance of Greek from school curricula1
    • what was responsible for the disappearance of the rainforest?1
    • the disappearance of resistance at very low temperatures1

Wiktionary Translations for disappearance:

  1. action of disappearing or vanishing

Cross Translation:
disappearance desaparición disparitionaction de disparaître ; résultat de cette action.