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Detailed Translations for experiment from English to Spanish


experiment [the ~] noun

  1. the experiment
    el experimento; la tentativa; la prueba
  2. the experiment (try; test)
    la tentativa; el experimento; la prueba; el esfuerzo; el ensayo; el intento

to experiment verb (experiments, experimented, experimenting)

  1. to experiment

Conjugations for experiment:

  1. experiment
  2. experiment
  3. experiments
  4. experiment
  5. experiment
  6. experiment
simple past
  1. experimented
  2. experimented
  3. experimented
  4. experimented
  5. experimented
  6. experimented
present perfect
  1. have experimented
  2. have experimented
  3. has experimented
  4. have experimented
  5. have experimented
  6. have experimented
past continuous
  1. was experimenting
  2. were experimenting
  3. was experimenting
  4. were experimenting
  5. were experimenting
  6. were experimenting
  1. shall experiment
  2. will experiment
  3. will experiment
  4. shall experiment
  5. will experiment
  6. will experiment
continuous present
  1. am experimenting
  2. are experimenting
  3. is experimenting
  4. are experimenting
  5. are experimenting
  6. are experimenting
  1. be experimented
  2. be experimented
  3. be experimented
  4. be experimented
  5. be experimented
  6. be experimented
  1. experiment!
  2. let's experiment!
  3. experimented
  4. experimenting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for experiment:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ensayo experiment; test; try A levels; O levels; essay; final exam; finals; leaving exam; lecture; paper; repetition; testing
esfuerzo experiment; test; try ambition; aspirations; attempt; effort; efforts; exertion; exertions; physical effort; strain; try
experimento experiment; test; try
intento experiment; test; try attempt; effort; efforts; exertion; exertions; insistence; strain; try; urgency
prueba experiment; test; try A levels; O levels; argumentation; audition; body of evidence; certificate; certificate of proof; charter; computer-test; deed; document; evidence; exam; final exam; finals; leaving exam; line of thought; piece of evidence; proof; reasoning; test; token; train of thought
tentativa experiment; test; try
- experimentation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
experimentar experiment be in sympathy with; bear; become aware of; behold; conceive; encounter; endure; experience; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; live through; notice; perceive; see; see in; stand; sustain; sympathise; sympathize; think; witness
- try out

Related Words for "experiment":

  • experimenting, experiments

Synonyms for "experiment":

Related Definitions for "experiment":

  1. the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation1
  2. a venture at something new or different1
    • as an experiment he decided to grow a beard1
  3. the testing of an idea1
    • it was an experiment in living1
  4. to conduct a test or investigation1
    • We are experimenting with the new drug in order to fight this disease1
  5. try something new, as in order to gain experience1
    • Students experiment sexually1
    • The composer experimented with a new style1

Wiktionary Translations for experiment:

  1. to conduct an experiment
  1. test under controlled conditions

Cross Translation:
experiment experimento; ensayo proef — experiment
experiment experimentar experimenteren — (inergatief) iets uitproberen, een proef nemen, een experiment uitvoeren
experiment experimento Experiment — (wissenschaftlicher) Versuch
experiment experimento VersuchWissenschaft, absichtliche Herbeiführung einer Erscheinung, um Gesetzmäßigkeiten erkennen zu können: Experiment
experiment ensayo; intento; prueba; experimento; tentativa essai — test
experiment experimento expérience — Essai pratiqué avec le matériel réduit d’un laboratoire dans un but scientifique ou industriel.

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