Detailed Translations for filet from English to Spanish


to filet verb, American

  1. to filet (fillet)

filet [the ~] noun, American

  1. the filet (fillet of fish; fillet)
  2. the filet (fillet)
    el filete; el solomillo

Translation Matrix for filet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
filete filet; fillet body fibre
filete de pescado filet; fillet; fillet of fish
solomillo filet; fillet hare; sirloin
- fillet; fish filet; fish fillet; lemniscus; stopping; taenia; tenia
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
descubrir filet; fillet admit; bare; develop; disclose; discover; expose; find out; invent; investigate; make public; notice; publish; reclaim; release; research; reveal; search for; sniff around; strip; uncover; unmask
escamotear filet; fillet cadge; disown; dispossess; expropriate; mooch; obtain by begging
filetear filet; fillet
mantener la nota filet; fillet
- fillet

Synonyms for "filet":

Related Definitions for "filet":

  1. lace having a square mesh1
  2. a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish1
  3. a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef1
  4. cut into filets1
    • filet the fish1
  5. decorate with a lace of geometric designs1