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  1. flush away:


Detailed Translations for flush away from English to Spanish

flush away:

to flush away verb (flushes away, flushed away, flushing away)

  1. to flush away (rinse out; wash; clean; purify)

Conjugations for flush away:

  1. flush away
  2. flush away
  3. flushes away
  4. flush away
  5. flush away
  6. flush away
simple past
  1. flushed away
  2. flushed away
  3. flushed away
  4. flushed away
  5. flushed away
  6. flushed away
present perfect
  1. have flushed away
  2. have flushed away
  3. has flushed away
  4. have flushed away
  5. have flushed away
  6. have flushed away
past continuous
  1. was flushing away
  2. were flushing away
  3. was flushing away
  4. were flushing away
  5. were flushing away
  6. were flushing away
  1. shall flush away
  2. will flush away
  3. will flush away
  4. shall flush away
  5. will flush away
  6. will flush away
continuous present
  1. am flushing away
  2. are flushing away
  3. is flushing away
  4. are flushing away
  5. are flushing away
  6. are flushing away
  1. be flushed away
  2. be flushed away
  3. be flushed away
  4. be flushed away
  5. be flushed away
  6. be flushed away
  1. flush away!
  2. let's flush away!
  3. flushed away
  4. flushing away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for flush away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lavar clean; flush away; purify; rinse out; wash grow into; launder; legalise; legalize; make valid; outgrow; rinse; rinse out; swab out; wash; wash out; whitewash

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