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  1. front bench:


Detailed Translations for front bench from English to Spanish

front bench:

front bench [the ~] noun

  1. the front bench (seat; bench; chair; work-bench)
    el asiento
  2. the front bench (seat)
    el asiento delantero; la sesión

Translation Matrix for front bench:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
asiento bench; chair; front bench; seat; work-bench arm chair; assembly; bench; chair; conference; congress; couch; dregs; easy chair; entry; gathering; lees; location; meeting; muck; place; reclining chair; registration; reservation; seat; sediment; sludge; stool; symposium; throne; voucher
asiento delantero front bench; seat arm chair; chair; easy chair; reclining chair; stool
sesión front bench; seat bench; couch; exhibition; exposition; happening; seance; seat; session; sharing session; show; sitting

Synonyms for "front bench":

Related Definitions for "front bench":

  1. any of the front seats in the House of Commons that are reserved for ministers or former ministers1

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