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Detailed Translations for gaze at from English to Spanish

gaze at:

to gaze at verb (gazes at, gazed at, gazing at)

  1. to gaze at (stare at)

Conjugations for gaze at:

  1. gaze at
  2. gaze at
  3. gazes at
  4. gaze at
  5. gaze at
  6. gaze at
simple past
  1. gazed at
  2. gazed at
  3. gazed at
  4. gazed at
  5. gazed at
  6. gazed at
present perfect
  1. have gazed at
  2. have gazed at
  3. has gazed at
  4. have gazed at
  5. have gazed at
  6. have gazed at
past continuous
  1. was gazing at
  2. were gazing at
  3. was gazing at
  4. were gazing at
  5. were gazing at
  6. were gazing at
  1. shall gaze at
  2. will gaze at
  3. will gaze at
  4. shall gaze at
  5. will gaze at
  6. will gaze at
continuous present
  1. am gazing at
  2. are gazing at
  3. is gazing at
  4. are gazing at
  5. are gazing at
  6. are gazing at
  1. be gazed at
  2. be gazed at
  3. be gazed at
  4. be gazed at
  5. be gazed at
  6. be gazed at
  1. gaze at!
  2. let's gaze at!
  3. gazed at
  4. gazing at
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for gaze at:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mirar con la boca abierta gaze at; stare at
mirar fijamente gaze at; stare at gape; gaze; goggle; look with a stony face; peer; stare

Wiktionary Translations for gaze at:

Cross Translation:
gaze at mirar; contemplar betrachten — etwas anschauen

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